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Chief Architect



San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Job Description

Job Description

In this role, you will help build the future of tax data aggregation and automation for the best financial services companies in the world. With your skills, you will help solve problems by making tax data more accessible to machines and no-code workflows.

You will help architect a product that can be implemented via an API or self-serve for non-technical teams.

You will work to make sure data is secure as the tax data is for consumers trusting us to securely share their data with commercial institutions.

You will help craft clean, clear, and concise documentation for developers to implement our API solution.

Absolute must-haves

3 years as IC with experience as a software engineer across the front, back-end, or full-stack roles.
1-2 years experience at a company with >10-15 engineers
Experience developing infrastructure for systems that move large amounts of data across AWS.
Security know-how and ability to build systems and architect products that are encrypted at rest
Experience logging data and query systems.

Company overview

At ModernTax, we are building the best in breed data platform that allows mortgage, insurance, and lending companies to streamline tax and income data and reporting like o they access servers with AWS, accept payments via Stripe, and implement communications services with Twilio.

Our ambitious vision has started with innovative mortgage lenders who are rethinking both the pre-application and first home underwriting process. It has already expanded to insurance, small business lending, and wealth management. These business use cases not only need tax data to qualify consumers but in many cases, it's required.

We enable consumers to access their tax information and share it with the financial services ecosystem in a secure and transparent way. This provides our customers the ability to build embedded tax verification without using expensive third-party vendors, get tax insights to cross-sell other products, and build these solutions within their native experiences.

Our solution provides an API and SDK for our business customers. It features a workflow for consumer-permissioned access to read and write functions such as instantly verifying historical tax data, income, and identity or switching deposit accounts for child tax credit deposits and tax refund-linked financial products.

ModernTax is democratizing access to every form of consumer tax data to enable a bevy of growing applications and use cases all without developers having to use archaic government APIs and in 90% of cases dealing with manual processes that do not have APIs to use.

We have been funded by Altair Capital, I2BF Capital, Right Side Capital, Upfront Ventures, Bessemer Ventures and a host of angel investors.